Dive Dollar Point

Dollar Point isn’t a good enough dive site to make me want to dive it from shore again. Getting to the location via canoe wasn’t too bad coming from Commons Beach, where there’s free parking (but no good reason to dive there). Finding a spot to park the canoe at the point was rough, and boats really speed by here, meaning you’ve got a pretty constant supply of wakes hitting the rocky shore. That rocky shore also makes entry and exit tricky.

It gets deep quickly, and you’ll find some trees, interesting rocks, and clay cliffs. There’s also a chunk of a small boat (?) right at the lip of the first shelf. Visibility isn’t great here, either.

Chunk of a boat?

Fast facts

  • Access: Boat. Slick, rocky entry from shore (I canoed to the point), diveable year round if you can get there (probably better off season w/o boats speeding by)
  • Surface swim: Minimal. You’ll want to drop early because of the boats.
  • Parking: Free at Commons Beach, where it’s a reasonable canoe to the point
  • Crowds: No people. Boats are your crowd here, and they zoom by. Be careful.
  • Dive experience level: Advanced
  • Highlights: Gets deep quickly, more interesting than a sandy bottom but only just

Dollar Point depth

Depth in feet

Source: NOAA Chart 18665 (1975) (2016 – depth in meters)

Shore dive: Dollar Point

You can't park here to access the point. I just had to pick somewhere close by for the map to center.