Dive Meeks Bay

Meeks Bay has two main points of entry: the Meeks Bay Resort and the Meeks Bay Campground. These locations are comparable, with both charging $10 for the day to park. The resort offers nice amenities. Both locations have parking spots less than 100 feet from the water and many other spots further away. You can also park on the road a little ways south of the entrance (around Meeks Bay Ave.), roughly 350′ from the water.

The bay itself is mostly shallow, dropping down in the middle and as you get further out. On the south side of the bay, you’ll find cool rocky ledges and outcroppings that attract fish and loads of crawdads during the warmer months. You’ll even find a sunken motorboat at around 90′.

Meeks Bay is beautiful, and it fills up fast when it’s open. The proximity of the free street parking to the water and the lack of crowds make this an excellent winter diving spot.

Fast facts

  • Access: As close as 100′ to the water from parking at the resort and campground, which are closed in winter (but you can walk into the campground side from street parking to the south, about 350′ to water)
  • Surface swim: Minimal to a few hundred feet to drop into deeper water
  • Parking: $10 for the day (or free street parking)
  • Crowds: None in winter to very high in summer
  • Dive experience level: Beginner to intermediate
  • Highlights: Good viz, interesting bits to look at

Meeks Bay depth

Depth in feet

Source: NOAA Chart 18665 (1975) (2016 – depth in meters)

Shore dive: Meeks Bay