Dive Stateline Point

a.k.a. Stateline Wall, a.k.a. Cal Neva Wall

This is a gorgeous spot with enormous rocks, some of which are very wall-like, and very steep sand dropping down hundreds of feet. Coming from Speedboat Beach, the only shore entry for this dive, you’ll enjoy wild rock formations in the long stretch of shallows (around 10-15 feet) to a shelf that drops down to around 35 feet as you head northeast leading to the business. Stay relatively close to the rocks around the point for the best granite.

It’s not as steep as Rubicon Wall or Steller Cove, but make no mistake, you will not be disappointed by how quickly it drops off.

In summer around the lip of the shelf, you’ll find Lahontan redside shiners schooling in the thousands, attracting trout, which you’ll see further down on their own, as well. As you can see on the depth chart below, the “wall” runs north-south and gets steeper as you head north.

It’s important to note that you are in Nevada when diving the wall proper, in spite of starting in California if you came from Speedboat Beach. If you descend and surface in California, will anyone really know that you were diving in Nevada without a flag? Maybe. Maybe not. The law says you need one.

Fast facts

  • Access: 500 feet minimum from parked car to water, diveable year round
  • Surface swim: Up to 700 yards depending on how far east you walk along the beach first
  • Parking: Extremely limited (~5 spots)
  • Crowds: Very low in winter to very high in summer
  • Dive experience level: Advanced
  • Highlights: Enormous cool rocks, some cliffs, very deep

Stateline Wall
5:42am8:10pm PDT
Feels like: 55°F
Wind: 2mph WSW
Humidity: 46%
Pressure: 30.01"Hg
UV index: 0

Stateline Point depth

Depth in feet

Source: NOAA Chart 18665 (1975) (2016 – depth in meters)